“What can one say about a Latin jazz band that covers the Beatles? We say, ‘We love it!’”— Group Photo Caption

Sterling Heights Sentry

“Jazz Music Mixes With Brazilian Sounds”
“You may know a little about samba music, but have you grooved to the partido-alto or choro styles? Both are styles of Brazilian music with partido-alto featuring lots of funk and the choro style highlighted with an African beat.... Brazil and Beyond is just that: the sounds of Brazilian music and beyond.”— Maria Allard, C & G Staff Writer

Ann Arbor News

“Blues, Jazz Fest Goes Clubbing”
“On Saturday, Brazil and Beyond, fronted by veteran bassist Rich Kowalewski, performs at the Firefly.”— Roger LeLievre, News Arts Writer

From a Brazilian Fan

“It’s wonderful to have musicians of this superb quality producing and performing Brazilian music, which is such a strong part of our culture. We are very proud of it ... top musicians producing superb and authentic Brazilian music.”—Eliana Ferreira, President, Brazilian Cultural Club of Detroit

Eastern Echo

“Band Brazil and Beyond Will Play at Blues, Jazz Festival”
“The ruthless jungle of Ypsi-Arbor traffic is worth braving for a mellow evening of fruity cocktails and fine Brazilian jazz.”— Mike Greenlee, Staff Writer

Detroit Free Press (Livonia section)

“The Beat of Brazil”
“Explore the sounds of Brazil – without leaving the USA.”— Mary Lendzion, Community Staffer

Observer & Eccentric

“Brazilian Rhythms Jazz up Beatles Songs on New CD”
“Brazil and Beyond pick up where The Beatles leave off by arranging songs in samba, Bossa Nova and Afro-Brazilian styles.”— Linda Chomin, Artistic Expressions Column

From a Professional

“Thank you so much for the [Kid Brother CD. It’s terrific!”—Robert Gladstone, Late Principal Bassist, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Detroit Free Press

“Beatles Songs Get a Brazilian Beat”
“This album ... proves the band’s mastery of Brazilian styles.... The overall flavor here is as lush as a rain forest.”— Terry Lawson, Staff Writer

Oakland Press

“Brazil and Beyond”
“The 2001 Ford Detroit International Jazz Festival was a highlight for BAB.”— Gary Graff, The UpBeat Column

Grosse Pointe Times

“Brazilian Invasion”
“The multi-instrumentalists were already using the rainstick and berimbau in their performances, but thanks to a Brazilian friend, they have recently added an authentic cavaquinho – a soprano member of the guitar family, similar to a ukulele, that Kowalewski plays – and a pandeiro, a sort of combination tambourine/percussive instrument, that Emanuel plays.”—K. Michelle Moran, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Macomb Daily

“Go to Brazil and Beyond in Concert at Macomb Center”
“Get the rhythmic, tropical flavor of Brazil and Beyond without leaving Macomb County.... It blends African, European, jazz and pop music to create ear-candy that can mesmerize a listener into foot tapping and head bobbing.”—Jameson Cook, Staff Writer


“Solid ‘Bass’”
“The chemistry has really gelled and solidified and comes out on this record [Amanhã].”— K. Michelle Moran, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Detroit News

“Festival Smokes From All That Jazz”
“The stage [Amphitheater Stage, Ford Detroit International Jazz Fest] was packed again for an energized performance by bassist Rich Kowalewski’s band, Rich K Brazil and Beyond.”— Lawrence B. Johnson, Music Critic